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Pinned topic TAU / RSA / Rhapsody - Tool Evaluation Help

‏2010-07-01T09:43:26Z |
I am currently working as a part of a small team evaluating modelling tools with interest particularly in the SysML domain.

It is my current understanding that IBM can provide several modelling solutions.

· Rational Architect
· Rhapsody
· TAU G2

My current understanding of the major differences between Rhapsody and Rational Architect are:

· Rhapsody is aimed more at the ‘Embedded World’ with support for Ada code generation and has model simulation capability.

· Rational Architect is designed more for ‘application development’.

I am however struggling to understand what paradigm TAU is aligned. The documentation available on the IBM website is somewhat limited for TAU in comparison to the other identified tools. Would it be possible to provide me information of where TAU sits in the IBM family and what kind of development IBM recommend when using the TAU product. Also, I have been able to download evaluation copies of both RSA and Rhapsody but have not been able to download a trial version of TAU. Is there an evaluation copy available?

Would you also be able to provide me with a ‘roadmap’ of all of the 3 tools identified? To understand technologies that may be incorporated into the tooling in the future would be beneficial to our evaluation. For example, are there any plans for the solutions to support such features as UPDM, RIF or Simulation capability (Rhapsody excluded).

Hope you will be able to help with some of my questions
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    Re: TAU / RSA / Rhapsody - Tool Evaluation Help

    Hi Jonathan,

    Rational TAU came from the Telelogic stable and I'm afraid that it seems to becoming to the end of it's life. I was informed at a recent meeting with IBM that there is no significant roadmap for TAU. Having spent 4 years developing TAU models, this was somewhat of a suprise to me. TAU supports model verification and simulation. An evaluation should be possible through your IBM account manager.

    I concur with your observation that Rhapsody is orientated towards embedded system modelling with Software Architect more code orientated.