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‏2010-06-30T23:57:49Z |
Hello. I am a writer, and I'm fairly new to web development (though a quite capable and clean coder). I am developing an interesting site to share my fictional works with the general public.

As far as the web design is concerned, I have the page set up to look and display like an open book. My fiction is already being saved in XML as I write it, and I would like to be able to pull individual files from the server side to be displayed on the web page securely (meaning no source viewing or copying of text), using the two pages of the open book.

What is most important to me is displaying the document on two pages (or columns that look like pages) and being able to "click" through the document to display the next set of pages - as I believe the eyes have an easier time reading fixed text than scrolling through a page.

From what I understand this is very possible to do using XSL-FO, I'm just having a hard time finding out the wheres and hows.

If anyone could point me in the right direction I would be grateful.