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Where does this product sit in regards to ObjectGrid/WebsphereXD? Seems it is a hardware implementation of this software product - or am I missing something?
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    Re: ObjectGrid

    XC-10 and WXS do share the capability to cache data, but XC-10 has some unique characteristics that make it special.

    The first thing to recognize in XC-10 is that it is an appliance. Everything in the system has been finely tuned to work together in a synergistic way. We are using state of the art hardware, custom built operating system, and specialized management and runtime software to provide a purpose built, drop-in, caching appliance which is resilient in the event of failure, and can seamlessly expand and contract the appliance collective, on demand, without downtime.

    What this brings to end user ability start with a small number of appliances, gain immediate benefits with little or no application code change then scale up, or down, as needed. In the event of a subsystem failure, we not only detect the failure we take corrective action to ensure availability is maintained and appliance resources are not used by the faulty subsystem.

    For more information please refer to the links below: