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‏2010-06-25T07:25:07Z |
Hi all,

How can I find APARs,PTFs (z10 EC) to a specific subject?
For instance, how can I list APARs/PTFs for driver 79 ?

I am using PSP,but,when i try to search, it returns all APARs/PTFs for a specific machine,so that each time i try to find my interest,i have to read about every PTF for that machine.

Thanks in advance.
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    Re: APARs - PTFs

    Are you searching for z/OS - PTFs or for MCL-Upgrades for z10 ?

    MCL-Updates for z10 are listed at the IBM-Site called Ressource-Link.

    The z/OS-PTFs are listed at the PSP and all for a specific hardware listed PTFs should be installed.