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Pinned topic How to determine which ISRA release to use?

‏2010-06-24T14:26:34Z |
I am currently running IICE 8.4. The IICE directions reference ISRA 3.2 and 3.3 when using the FileNet ISRA connector. What about ISRA 3.4? How do I know when to go to this release? Is ISRA tied to IICE (ICI) or the release of FileNet I am accessing? If the latter, what is the FileNet release in which I need to use ISRA 3.4?

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    Re: How to determine which ISRA release to use?

    Hi Jeff,

    ISRA 3.4 is qualified on ICI 8.5.1, but hasn't been tested on IICE 8.4. That being said, it will probably work just fine on 8.4, we just can't claim currency support for it at the moment.