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Pinned topic ICSF as a pre-requisite

‏2010-06-23T21:21:44Z |
I note SupportPac CA1S states that ICSF must be started on the z/OS system. Does it actually have to be started, or is it just that the CSF load library needs to be in the Linklist?
Greg Shirey
Ben E. Keith Co.
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  • JonathanPLawrence
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    Re: ICSF as a pre-requisite

    Hello Greg,

    I am no longer able to reproduce the problem which gave rise to this dependency, therefore it may be an error in the documentation to include the dependency, or it might apply to only a certain combination of CICS TS, OS and SupportPac levels.

    The issue affected the internal PHP tracing capability which is intended only for IBM service use in any case - therefore you should be able to install and use the SupportPac without ICSF.

    Please report any further problems to this forum.

    Many thanks, Jonathan Lawrence
    CICS PHP Runtime Development.