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Pinned topic Create a complex TAU dialog invoked in addin

‏2010-06-23T10:09:26Z |
Hello, everyone.

I'm developing a TAU addin which should allow multiple choice in tree for further Tcl processing.
Since std::GetSelection is not an array and I need an iterative processing that's why I decided to create a dialog which would contain a list of elements from model tree and each line of list would have a checkbox allowing multiple selection.

Pitiful I didn't manage to get Tk working with TAU although I've made all the includes and installations correctly. Also I found Ian Barnard's reply in some post saying that he hadn't managed to get it working to. I founf that standard Tcl API in TAU doesn't allow creating dialogs with checkboxes - only output window tabs. So I decided to try creating a dialog using HTML/CSS but I have no idea how where to start and how to invoke such a dialog from addin and how to display TAU model tree elements on the dialog and process then further.

Is there any tutorial or so?

Thanks in advance.