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‏2010-06-17T18:30:17Z |
We currently have cala_rex agents on P8 Linux SuSE 10 servers. Our FSM is version 4.0.1-004. We are upgrading the P8 servers to Redhat Linux version 5.4. The plan is to back everything up and restore it once the OS is upgraded. Can I just restore the /fsm directory? Or do I need to reinstall the cala_rex agents? Also, if I did need to reinstall, would I still use Linux x86 or would I use Linux ppc? Thanks much!
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    If your using the same hardware type (x86) you should be able to backup the /fsm directory and restore it on the new OS. You may want to backup your start and stop scripts in /etc/init.d and rc*.d directories too.

    If your changing the hardware platform from x86 to ppc, you have to install cala_rex again and run the FSM client installer again. If the server kept hostname and IP address, you can reuse your configuration data.