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Pinned topic IA Reports - How modifiable are they?

‏2010-06-16T13:49:44Z |
For IA Reports (v8.1.0), how modifiable are they?

I would like to be able to create a Report that looks like the screen view of Column Analysis.
This would, of course, be a major modification to the Reports.
Is this possible?

Can a Report be created from scratch?

Are there IA Report files that can be modified to create new or modified Reports?

I think that the standard IA Report modifications are limited so I would like virtually everything on a Report to be changeable.
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    Re: IA Reports - How modifiable are they?

    There is not a current report (through the 8.1.2 release) that looks exactly like the Analysis Summary screen. From a content standpoint, the Summary Statistics report and the Column Profile Pre- and Post-Review reports contain most of the same information.

    The report templates are not readily modifiable, however, one option you could utilize would be to generate the report in xml format and then build and apply your own xslt to the output. That would provide you with the content, but let you handle how you want the content to appear.