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Pinned topic Accessing DOORS formal module from TAU via addin

‏2010-06-16T13:44:36Z |
Hello, everyone!

I'm developing an integration feature involving TAU and DOORS.
There're a DOORS formal module and TAU project created automatically via "Open in Tau" command in DOORS.
I've written a TAU Tcl addin that gets selected model object guid and modifies DOORS object with the same guid. That's how this is done: from Tcl I execute doors.exe that executes a DXL script that does the desired DOORS object modification.

I've been facing the following case: executing DXL script from windows command line with TAU and DOORS both closed does the desired modification. Executing the same script having DOORS open results in case described in this thread. And this is the main trouble: I have to execute my DXL from Tcl that is executed as TAU addin having TAU open. As I stated above TAU project is created via DOORS "Open in Tau" command that's why this project needs DOORS being open to get data. And I obviously cannot complete my modification correctly because Tcl addin can be executed only with DOORS open because the project of selected TAU object is dependent on DOORS.

So this is the question: is there any workaround? Or is there another way to modify DOORS object attributes through executing addins on its representation in TAU directly without executing some additional scripts?

Thank you.