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‏2010-06-14T09:36:52Z |

I am having problem with the performance on the IVM website.

I have p6 520, new machine and did a clean install of VIO 2.1.2 default settings to manage the server without an HMC (using ASMI via the hyper terminal)

I tried to assign 2 GB of RAM to the VIO partition and the Increase the Assigned Processing units from 0.2 to 1.0 in an effort to increase the entitled processing units for the VIO Server.

When I looked at the Vmstat output the Number of physical processors consumed is almost 0.0
The percentage of entitled capacity consumed increased increased from low value and then immediately reduced upon peaking. This all of this within the a 20 second interval.

The topas is also interesting. The java process (running the IVM) has a paging space value of about 40 - 50 but the Paging Size of Paging Space used % is still Zero.

I want to know what other things I have to explore to identify possible issues.

Also, the IVM website is not running on an Appserver so in this incase is there any way to increase the jvm settings to improve the performance of the java process.

Some guidance would be helpful as it has been long time since I have been plagued by this issue.
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    Re: IVM website slow

    Hey, we have the exact same problem, same VIOS level, same java proces that use paging etc... Did you find an answer or solution?