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Pinned topic Column Analysis Hangs when attempting to profile Oracle Tables

‏2010-06-11T00:14:33Z |
Help. We we try and profile tables in an Oracle database, the analysis just says in progress and never returns.

We've managed to import the metadata and view the data and have successfully analysed Microsoft SQL Server tables.

We are connecting to oracle using the Oracle ODBC driver.

Does anyone have any pointers as to what we can try to resolve this issue?
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  • smithha
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    Re: Column Analysis Hangs when attempting to profile Oracle Tables

    ‏2010-06-11T12:40:58Z  in response to SystemAdmin
    The first thing you'll want to do is to check the logs to see if there is more information regarding the Colunm Analysis job execution.
    1) /opt/IBM/WebSphere/profiles/default/iasHandler.log
    2) /opt/IBM/WebSphere/profiles/default/iasServer.log

    The easiest way to do look at these is to go to the Operate menu > Log Views, and then create a New Log View.
    Give the Log View a name, include Severity levels of at least Fatal, Error, and Warning.
    Under Categories, choose IBM, which includes IA and both the Handler and Server logs.
    Choose a time interval (or range) that includes the failed job execution (I usually set mine to the last hour or last day, but you can create different log views for different intervals/ranges as needed).
    Save the Log View and then hit the View Log button (or once saved, from the main workspace, you can select the Log View and choose the View task).

    If there are errors, those should help guide you to identifying and correcting the problem.

    Where you've successfully run Column Analysis against SQL Server tables previously, likely things to check include:
    1) Is the Oracle DSN configured correctly?
    2) Are the credentials to the data source current? (e.g. if password to source changed, that may not be reflected in the connection information)
    3) Is the Agent for the engine up and running?
    4) Have the credentials for the underlying Analysis Project changed? (e.g. if credentials for initiating jobs have changed, this will prevent jobs from getting started)

    Hopefully, these will give you some starting points for debugging the issue. If you continue to experience issues then I would recommend contacting the support team.

    • SystemAdmin
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      Re: Column Analysis Hangs when attempting to profile Oracle Tables

      ‏2010-06-16T00:12:12Z  in response to smithha

      Thanks for your assistance. We followed your steps but still no luck so are next step is support.