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I am planning on moving my first lpar to power 7. Is there a best practice on duration and interval for running the amepat model?
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    Re: amepat best practices?

    Best practices for running amepat are discussed in the "Active Memory Expansion:Overview and Usage Guide":

    There are two key considerations when running the AME planning tool: the time at which to run the tool and the duration to run the tool. To get the best possible results from the tool, the tool should be run during a workload’s peak utilization period. This ensures that the tool captures utilization and memory usage information at a workload’s peak. So, if a workload is busiest during the 2-hour period of 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., the AME planning tool should ideally be run during that 2 hour period to capture utilization information for the workload.
    Once the Active Memory Expansion planning tool has been invoked, it will run in the background for the specified duration, periodically gathering performance metrics for the current workload. The tool will also periodically scan the workload’s memory to determine the compressibility of the workload’s in-memory data.