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Pinned topic How does one mount a FlashCopy partition?

‏2010-06-07T15:03:46Z |
First time doing this and I can't find any documentation on how to do it.
The FlashCopy is already made.
DS3300 Disk System

2 node Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4 Cluster.
FlashCopy was created in Storage Manager 10 Client gui attached to active node (the one where the san drives are mounted and used).
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    Re: How does one mount a FlashCopy partition?

    Hello, I am not too familiar with Flashcopy but I am working with some of my colleges and hopefully I will be able to post some additional helpful information soon.

    In the mean time I have found an overview of the process on AIX if your are familiar with that OS:
    Appendix A of "IBM System Storage DS6000 Series: Copy Services in Open Environments" (SG24-6783-02)

    Here is a Redbook with information on Linux, however it didn't have a lot of information on mounting:
    IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center for Replication on Linux

    I will post again once I have some more definitive information regrading Flashcopy and mounting on Linux.