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‏2010-05-30T13:52:52Z |
I'm using Combine Records to create a subrecord based on the group. THis is working as advertised. Now I need to do some basic comparisions to see if this drop already exists. DS do not seem to allow you to do any type of operations on the vector. I'm tyring to impliment on of Kimbals design patterns pertaining to group operations. IT seems that all of hte functionality is available, but just can't figure out how to pull it all together.

The groups are created from the data itself. The following is the basic process flow for creating the groups.

1) Use the Combine records to create Data set with the acual Person/Langauge combinations (A person can speak mulitple languages). SO if a person speaks Spanish and French their will be one group with that combination.
2) Need to then get the distinct groups. Multiple folks can speek Spanish and French. This is my first problem, I can't perform any operations to get the distinct groups/subrecords
3) Get the current Groups (used combine records to build subrecord with the languages)
4) Compare Actual data with Language Group reference table and insert any new groups (assign surrogate key, blah, blah, blah).
5) Key Person record with new groups.

I have everything licked except for getting the distinct groups/subrecords and doing any type of comparing on a vector column. Even if I could turn the vector into a string that would work.