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Pinned topic Problems with SCA EJB3 binding

‏2010-05-24T21:50:42Z |
We are facing some issues with SCA EJB3 binding. Client is a business process created in WID.
1) To be able to invoke the SCA generated EJB firstly we have to copy auto-generated EJB jar from the WAS deployment folder. Also after we copy the EJB jar file to the WID project we are not able invoke the EJB unless we explicitly create EJB stubs using the "createEJBStubs.cmd" utility which is present in WAS bin folder. Then we deploy the EJB Client process to a WPS server

2) The invoke works fine after till we restart the server. If we restart we have end up repeating the step 1) all over again. Without which we get the exception ProbeId:720 javax.ejb.EJBException: nested exception is: java.lang.NullPointerException java.lang.NullPointerException at Source) at Source)

The exception details have been attached.
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    Re: Problems with SCA EJB3 binding

    hi Rohit,

    You probably need to ask this question over on the WebSphere Process Server forum:
    Specifically I don't know if the WPS use case you describe (create business process in WID, copy auto-generated EJB to WID project, run createEJBStubs, deploy EJB Client to WPS server) is a supported use case.
    If it turns out to be a supported use case then let us know and we can dig deeper into the exception...