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Pinned topic Schdeule DS8000 Flash Copy.

‏2010-05-21T19:19:44Z |
How can i schedule DS8000 flash copy. Or do i have to write a script for it or Can i do it from TPC replication. Can someone help me on it.
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    Re: Schdeule DS8000 Flash Copy.

    The DS8000 does not have a flashcopy scheduler. Even if it did, because it is a block I/O device, the flashcopies are crash consistent, not application consistent.

    The most common solution is to script flashcopies so that the creation of the copy ties in with commands to place the relevant application using the disk into backup mode. Thats not to say you cannot just flashcopy a disk without warning, its just not always the best idea.

    The best tool out there right now to do scheduled flashcopies is Tivoli FlashCopy Manager. It is available on Windows and AIX and integrates nicely into a wide variety of applications (like Exchange and SQL). The website:

    TPC for Replication can also manage flashcopies, but I would look first at the Flashcopy manager product.

    If you want help with scripting, are you planning to kick off the flashcopies from a Windows host (you can use a Windows Batch file and Windows Scheduler) or a Unix based host (you could create a script and kick if off with cron). ?

    Anthony Vandewerdt
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    Re: Schdeule DS8000 Flash Copy.

    I too am looking for help here. We are currently running TPC-R but do not have 'Flashcopy Manager' (it will take awhile to procure it).

    Our configuration is running Global Mirror with failover/failback W practice volumes, so when we kick off a Flashcopy from the TPC-R GUI under the covers, it temporarily suspends global mirror to give us a consistent point in time copy, then initiates the flash, then restarts global mirror. We would like to script all this and schedule it to run off-hours.

    If someone knows how to do this via TPC-R, if you can share your scripts and details about where they are stored, how they are run, etc, that would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You,
    Alex Renko