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Pinned topic ICI 8.5.1 how to setup java from Lotus Notes

‏2010-05-21T15:07:52Z |
I'm trying to figure out how to connect a Lotus Notes Java-agent (Notes release 8.5.1, Java 1.6 and running on a Win. 7 PC) to Content Manager 8.4 through IBM Content Integrator ver. 8.5.1.

The latter is installed on a separate Win. App.-server and configured to use a RMI Proxy

Have applied the vbr.jar and the config.xml -file in the reserved Lotus Notes Classpath -area (.. jvm\lib\ext folder) on the PC.

Have tried many different options without success. Even with a JVM property vbr.home with the home directory of Content Integrator (on the App. -server) as the property value, furthermore with different options after disabling the RMI Proxy Connector in the Content Integrator Admin tools.

The java-agent is well known as a copy of the IBM-supplied sample class RepoTest (which just accomplish logon & logoff).
Whatever I try the result remains the same as follows:

From the log:
Connecting to the VeniceBridge Server...
Exception in thread "AgentThread: commandline.RepoTest" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com.venetica.vbr.client.User (initialization failure) at java.lang.J9VMInternals.initialize(

A snippet from the java-agent showing the source of error:
public void performAction(String repositoryName, String user,
String password) {
Repository repo = null;
User repoUser = null;

try {
//Connect to VeniceBridge
System.out.println("Connecting to the VeniceBridge Server...");
repoUser = new User(); <== The exception always arise on this instruction

Hope somebody can give me an advice in what direction to move from this "dead-end".