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Pinned topic IBM x3650 7979 [i9990301 error]

‏2010-05-21T08:51:12Z |
I have a terrible issue, very similar to the one posted, that is annowing me.

I have a x3650 7979 server with ServeRaid 8k controller and 6 SAS HD
I simply installed one of the following OS, like:
vmware esxi
windows server 2008

I intalled them both using IBM Install CD and without.

I succesfully complete installation. At reboot I always get this error:
I9990301 No bootable device, hard disk, or disket.

If I hit F12 at reboot and select Hard Disk 0 I am able to boot.
What is wrong? It is driving me crazy.

In Bios, under Configuration/Setup Utility, I have set:
Startup Sequence Options:
Planar Ethernet PXE/DHCP Disabled As I do not need to boot off the network
PCI Device Boot Priority Planar SAS

I attach some documentation it might be of help.

I performed firmware updates with the "IBM ToolsCenter Installation CD". I have some devices that are not detected.
Also, my SAS HD have not been detected.

I was unable to "Use ServeRAID Manager for creating ServeRAID Support Archive" because I did not find the "Enterprise View from my ServeRaid Manager.

Please please help.

thank you,
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    Re: IBM x3650 7979 [i9990301 error]


    I know this is an old post but here is the solution as it still may help someone.

    Boot in to setup
    Select - Start Options
    Select - Startup Sequence Options
    Make your first or second startup device - Hard Disk 0
    Escape back to the the first menu
    Save changes