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Pinned topic HMC: snmpwalk/snmpget don't collect information.

‏2010-05-20T16:43:14Z |

I'd like to manage HMC via SNMP. I've succesfully configured HMC to send traps to an external Linux node but I'm unable to make smpwalk working: the request is sent but no reply from the HMC.
I've also tried to use the hwmcawin binary from a Windows host using the special API without success (exiting on timeout).

I've configured the SNMP parameters on the HMC, taking as examples the document for AF/REMOTE or Tivoli to check all steps (I'm not an HMC expert), I've enabled CIM as a service but still no reply in both cases.

It then looks like a feature not enabled or a something misconfigured but I spent time to look for and I've no idea.
Is there a way to get information about log displaying reason for such a problem (I've looked into security log and others: no trace).

Any help or experience would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.