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Pinned topic how to collect number of transactions ?

‏2010-05-20T12:11:34Z |
env_txseriesv62 connected via SNA to cics/ts host on z/OS
this morning is a strange thing happened on a production area banks, linked to various banks by SNA on z/Os platform.
SNA sessions were regularly to be acquired, but most did not arrive on CICS transactions (tested with CSTD).
I rebooted the Communication Server and the problem is solved, but the logs did not find abnormalities of SNA (I suspect that the problem is on z/OS )
I would remedy the problem by putting up a Cobol program that has the number of transactions (CSTD) every minute and that comparisons with the previous lap, signaling via email if the difference is below a certain threshold.

You know if I can collect the number of transactions in this way?