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Pinned topic How to use where clause functionality provided by IBM Information Analyzer

‏2010-05-17T20:20:07Z |
Can somebody explain how to use where clause in IBM Information analyzer? And if adding condition clauses in a single table, can the conditions be shared by the same columns in tables?

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    Re: How to use where clause functionality provided by IBM Information Analyzer

    Depending on which version of Information Analyzer you have, there are a couple options related to Where Clause functionality.

    Under the Project Properties for the included data sources, you can select a specified table and add a Where Clause. That clause will be applied to all analysis functions using that table (e.g. running a Column Analysis against a selection of columns from that table).

    The above remains available. However, there is also an option to Create a Virtual Table from the Column Analysis screen. Virtual Tables are, in effect, views created on the fly during processing. Virtual Tables may be horizontal or vertical slices of a table based on either a Where Clause (e.g. only select records with a specified date greater than x) or a selection of columns (e.g. only 3 of 10 columns) or both. You can create any number of Virtual Tables from a given table and they can be utilized in any of the Analysis or Rules functionality. One advantage of the Virtual Tables over the Analysis Where clause done at the project level is they are clearly visible.

    In either case, the Where clauses or Virtual Tables are based on the selected table (so can't per se be applied to other tables).

    I would note on Virtual Tables is they can include selection criteria based on a join, but cannot currently generate resultant 'tables' including columns from multiple joined tables.