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Pinned topic Install Cell Question?

‏2010-05-16T13:44:14Z |
I'm new in Cell BE programming,

I installed Cell SDK 3.1 on fedora core 12,
I haven't access to internet in linux,(there weren't some rpm pakages like spu-gcc , ppu-gcc , etc in SDK iso ,
so I got these files from here : )

finally all pakages with their dependencies installed succesfully.

I read cell ide help pdf files and I have to use eclipse to develop cell programs.

The eclipse software was installed in my fedora core 12,

but my linux java is OpenJDK, I install ibm jdk,
and set PATH in /etc/profile to ibm jdk like this: "PATH=$HOME/bin:/opt/ibm/java-i386-60/jre/bin:$PATH"

I ran "/opt/cell/ide/eclipse/eclpse" , but eclipse opened and closed, some stack error happend!

how can I add cell ide plugins to eclipse?

I'm really confused! please help me!,please!

Is above works that I do are True? What I should to do?
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  • gcst
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    Re: Install Cell Question?

    ‏2010-05-20T11:15:11Z  in response to SaeedScript
    Have you followed the instructions from "Chapter 3. Installing IDE" in the "IDE Tutorial and User’s Guide" from the "Software Development Kit for Multicore Acceleration Version 3.1" ?
    • SaeedScript
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      Re: Install Cell Question?

      ‏2010-05-22T19:05:29Z  in response to gcst
      yes, I did , but I don't khnow how to add cell plugins to eclipse!