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Pinned topic RUP - daily project moniotring and controling

‏2010-05-13T06:50:03Z |
I am new and I have some questions about RUP methodology:

  • How does RUP realize daily project monitoring and controlling?
  • Is daily monitoring a good approach in RUP?
  • Are there any tools for daily project monitoring and controlling?

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Łukasz Krawczyk
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  • jruehlin
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    Re: RUP - daily project moniotring and controling

    RUP and the IPL (IBM Practice Library) provide a variety of approaches to monitoring. RUP doesn't dictate a specific time for monitoring, but it describes how to define how/when you monitor. It may not be practical to do daily monitoring on larger projects or programs, but smaller development teams often benefit from daily updates.
    DAgile projects are amenable to daily monitoring. The Iterative Development practice in the IPL is an Agile practice and generally follows Scrum, which advises daily stand-up meetings.
    IBM Rational Team Concert is a great tool for monitoring/controlling a project. And the latest version of RMC allows you to export RMC tasks as work items that can be tracked. Those work items also link back to process content to support the completion of the work tiems.

    Jim Ruehlin, IBM Rational Software
    C/ALM Method Architect
    RMC Content Development Team
  • ScottAmbler
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    Re: RUP - daily project moniotring and controling

    You might want to take a look at some of the Jazz-based products, such as RTC and RQM, which are instrumented to generate data which is fed into a data warehouse which in turn is reported on from project dashboards. You can monitor your projects in real time without adding overhead to the team to do so because the tools are generating many of the key metrics automatically. Visit for details.