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Pinned topic Constants in BRMS (iLOG)

‏2010-05-13T06:22:04Z |
Can I also use BRMS for storing constants (key-value pair). And access them from the application if needed.

If this is not a bad practice. How should we do it? Should we use decision table?
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    Re: Constants in BRMS (iLOG)

    Did you ever figure out an answer to this? I am rooting on the web and have found zilch. I have lots of series of things that I need to compare, such as university degrees, and know if a Masters is >= to a Bachelors, for example. I would prefer not to hand code a lot of stuff in Java if there was just some simple way to declare constants that looks like "Bachelors" whose value was "2", for example. And have that vocabulary available to the rule author(s)