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Pinned topic Is there something like pmapi (an AIX tool) on Linux?

‏2010-05-12T19:21:04Z |
Is there something analogous to AIX's PMAPI on Linux? That is, an APl that can be used to get process- and thread-level hardware counter data for users.
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    Re: Is there something like pmapi (an AIX tool) on Linux?

    I don't know many details on the PMAPI command, but the "perf" tool which is integrated into the 2.6.32 kernel is probably what you're looking for.

    It's fairly new and not exactly polished yet.. but it does have some cool features.

    We've started an FAQ page.. but have a long way to go on it...

    Let us know if there are specific questions...
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    Re: Is there something like pmapi (an AIX tool) on Linux?

    As I recall, AIX has libptools which provides the API referred to as PMAPI. If it's an API you're needing versus a standalone tool like 'perf' (as suggested earlier by wburos), recent kernel versions (> 2.6.31) include a kernel API upon which 'perf' is built. The long name for this API is "Performance Events Subsystem", but it's commonly referred to as "perf_events". There is also a open source library called 'PAPI' ( which can run on top of many OS/architecture combinations, including the aforementioned perf_events. Some documentation is available for this API in the kernel source, in tools/perf/design.txt. Performance tool developers can either code directly to the kernel API or use PAPI.