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Pinned topic I.T. 4.01 - support for LVM, NPIV and Multipathing

‏2010-05-12T11:29:36Z |
The Installation Toolkit (4.01) User manual (p.4) says:
"IBM Installation Toolkit v4.0.1 does not support Multipath, LVM, or NPIV configurations"

We want to run RHEL5 in an LPAR that makes use of a VIO Server for its LAN and SAN connections.
The VIO Server has has NPIV in place and has multiple connections to the SAN (multiple paths).
LVM is a requirement too.

So we pretty much need all these things.

Will LVM, NPIV and Multipathing be supported by I.T. in the future? If so, when?

And I was wondering if there are alternatives to the "IBM Installation Toolkit" to get it installed and working in the above situation?

Ron Adriaanse
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