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Pinned topic iice 8.3 - 8.5 porting

‏2010-05-12T10:12:08Z |

i'm working at the porting of an iice 8.3 client to the iice 8.5 version,as a temporary solution before we move definitively to SOA services. My application (and the one i'm porting) is exposed as a service to other developers, its purpose is to provide a simplified and limited interface to wsapi operations.
I'm using Netbeans 6.8 and jax-ws to generate proxy classes from iice 8.5 wsdl.

One of features of the preaviuos application was returning an url to the document stored on content manager. I've some problems in translating the old code : it used the Content object properties, searched for a property named "ContentURL" and built the link to the document.
In iice 8.5 this property has disappeared, and the only solution i've found is to call the operation getNativeContentURL .
The problem is that the returned url, which is completly different from the older version, get invalidated immediatly after i logoff from the server.

My goal is to maintain the same interface to the calling application, so i need to find a way to return an url which remain valid for a reasonable time (suppose it gets showed in a web page as temporary link to a resource ). Am i calling the wrog method or this iice feature has been removed?

the old version link appeared as : http://address/icmrm/ICMResourceManager?order=retrieve&item-id=A1001001A10B17B60248E13307&version=1&collection=CBR.CLLCT001&libname=PLIB33&update-date=2010-02-17+15%3A02%3A48.948449&token=A4E6.Gyf1__6_g9b9klzzBkU;&content-length=0&org-filename=testchiamata.txt

the new version link appear as : http://address/vbr_httpaccess/62046116c77138c3defa022550a09821/4888ad45ff33842b81b3bc7263405837?fileName=Conferenza+di+servizio.pdf
thank you in advance
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