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Pinned topic Free IMS Java and IMS DB Integration Workshops 2010 June 14th thru 25th Ehi

‏2010-05-11T09:37:13Z |

this is the invitiation to our IMS Java and IMS Data Integration Workshops. This event is for application developers with Java knowledge, that would like to know how the IMS transaction manager and database works based on Java as programming language.
In addition this event is also for IMS people, that would like to dive into the world of Java with IMS Transaction Manager and IMS Database. RD/z will be used as development tool.

The workshops are paired on consecutivly days (one day IMS Java Workshop, one day IMS Data Integration Workshop) between June 14th and June 25th. The workshops were developed by the IMS Silicon Valley Lab and in english language. About half of the time will be labs and hands-on, which are using a preconfigured environment, which means that no IMS or z/OS System programming work needs to be done. During the workshop german speaking stuff will be available for explainations, for your questions and for help during the labs.

The workshops are free and start at 9 am with a planned end around 5 pm.

Find the agenda and registration information for the IMS Java Workshops here:

Find the agenda and registration informationen for the IMS Data Integration Workshops here: