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Pinned topic logctlsrc.calacfg.templ being zeroed out

‏2010-05-07T18:45:01Z |
After applying patch 4.0.1-004 to FSM, run calaRexClientInstall.w32-ix86.exe on Process Engine server to patch. Using Installer to reinstall cala (uncheck "Reconfigure Only") on Process Engine. Error message:

Successfully updated CENIT configuration file D:/apps/fsm/
Switching installation mode to "Configurator"
Checking for template file...
Template file is D:/apps/fsm/cala/repos/logctlsrv.calacfg.templ
FSM CALA Client will be stopped now....
FSM CALA Client stopped successfully....
Start moving input files to D:/apps/fsm/cala/repos...
Finished moving input files to D:/apps/fsm/cala/repos
Reading template for logctlsrv.conf...
Finished reading template for logctlsrv.conf
Checking template for logctlsrv.conf...
ERROR: Template contains no target (emitter or remote component)

Before running the installer, the logctlsrc.calacfg.templ file was 3kb. Looked after installer ran and it was 0 kb. Anyone know what is going on?