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Pinned topic System Architect Schema Generator doesn't find encyclopedias

‏2010-05-05T21:03:57Z |
I have installed SA with SQL Server 2005 DB + Cognos Server + SA Cognos Bridge.
I have downloaded the sample encylopedia. I try to use the SA Schema Generator installed by SA Cognos Bridge.
I first start the REST Service on the Third Tab.
I try to select my Encyclopedia. It finds my SQL Server (local), but, though I have two encyclopedia installed, It doesn't show me any encylopedia name in the dropdown list.
If I type it myself, then it tells me that it doesn't find the encyclopedia on the server.

Can someone help me please?

Thank you

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    Re: System Architect Schema Generator doesn't find encyclopedias

    I guess the SQL Server 2005 instance which you are using is a default instance and not the named instance.
    Incase if you are using the default instance then the following configuration changes needs to be done.
    Modify the value for the "AddMachineName" to false in the "SARestWebService.exe.config" located in the installation folder of SA.
    Restart the IBM Rational System Architect Rest Service after doing the above changes. Hope this works