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Pinned topic FSM installation failed: problem with login to the FSM console

‏2010-05-04T10:47:24Z |
Hi all!
I need to install FSM 4.0.1 on Windows Server 2003,(JRE 6, Apache 2, PHP 5, DB2).
I specified:

cd /d C:\Distrfromcm2\DistrForFSM\fsm401-01\INSTALL set DB_TYPE=db2 set DB_SERVER=fndm\DB2 set DB_INSTPATH=C:/IBM set DB_USER=db2admin set DB_PASSWD=pass@word1 set DB_OPERATOR_USER=db2admin set DB_OPERATOR_PASSWD=pass@word1 set JDBC_DRIVER_PATH=C:/IBM/SQLLIB/java;C:/Program Files/Java/jre1.6.0_01/lib/ext set set JDBC_DRIVER_URL=jdbc:db2:
//fndm:50000 set JAVA_HOME=C:/IBM/SQLLIB/java/jdk/jre install_fsm_server.cmd -h lotusfilenet -e -t E:/IBM/FSM

After this installation i tried to login to FSM console (http://lotusfilenet) and entered login=admin, password=admin (as described in FSM InstallGuide). But an error occured:
Error Message: Your login failed.
Maybe you have mistyped your username or password?
Please close your browser and try again.
For further help please contact your Administrator.

Does anybody knows what is wrong? Should i create some user before FSM installation?
Thanks in advance.
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