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Pinned topic Results of Aberdeen's Mainframe Research Now Available

‏2010-04-30T18:13:30Z |
Hi all-

Two months ago I posted here requesting help on my research into best practices in the use of mainframes. My partners and I intended to chart the future of mainframe computing, and hypothesized it would be a bright one; we're happy to say that our research has confirmed that hypothesis.

Aberdeen's study unveiled a number of stories about the modern mainframe, and I've written a series of brief reports on these findings that Aberdeen will publish on Link: over the next few weeks. The first such report focuses on users' perceptions of the complexity of the mainframe platform, and how these perceptions correlate with performance. Survey respondents who disagreed with the statement "mainframes are complex" saw their data center performance improve dramatically over those who agreed with the same statement; these two groups differ in many other ways as well, including the type of mainframe hardware they employ and the operating systems they run upon it.
Please let me know what you think!

Read Aberdeen's first mainframe report for free at: Link:

Max Gladstone
Research Associate
Technology Markets