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Pinned topic Implementing Complex SQL functionality using IA Data Rules

‏2010-04-27T16:14:47Z |
Has anyone used Information Analyzer 8.1.1, with Data Rules? I'm trying to see if we can replicate the EXISTS and NOT EXISTS functionality from SQL into the data rules (plus many other complex features)? Any thoughts if we can do this?

A sample query that I want to implement is :
select A.*
from A
where not exists ( select 'Y' from B where A.C1 = B.C1 )

This is just one example and I have got some complex queries also. I did try to use the left outer join but I want only the ones that are not there in table B. Went through the user guide and other examples, but all of them just cover simple examples.

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    Re: Implementing Complex SQL functionality using IA Data Rules

    One approach that can be used is to build a Virtual Table that includes the query component, in effect giving you a filter on the rows/records to analyze.