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‏2010-04-23T14:22:59Z |
I have a Power Play Enterprise Server (PPES) ver.7.4.4.
It has been secured (Set Security in PPES Server Administration tool)
against a Namespace in LDAP. After I've updated the Namespace
(importing a LAE file and overwriting the old namespace) I can't
connect to the PPES using PPES Server Administration tool (Error:
Access denied). I can't go back to the original Namespace. Is there any way to Remove Security from PPES Server without re-installing the software?
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    Re: Remove Security from PPES Server

    1) In PowerPlay Enterprise - Server Administration, select a server.
    2) From the Tools menu, click Security then Set Security.
    3) In the Set Security box, Clear the root user class( Permanent)box.
    4)Click OK.

    Try this.