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Pinned topic RFT 8 and JRE1.3

‏2010-04-20T17:18:06Z |
I'm currently using RFT 8 and need to enable a java 1.3JRE in order to test a java application being launched by a .bat file. In previous versions of RFT I have always been able to enable the environment for testing, launch the application and capture objects. Currently when I click on the Test button under enable environments I receive a message saying jre not enabled.
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    Re: RFT 8 and JRE1.3

    What version of RFT are you using?

    According the documentation, official Sun JRE 1.3 support was not present in 8.0.x, 8.1, and, but was re-added in RFT See: RFT 8 documentation: Supported Domains. I assume that this was at the request of one or more customers.

    If you are using a version of RFT that supports the build of Java that your AUT is using, I recommend opening a PMR with support to investigate.