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Please use this forum to provide feedback on your experiences in using Rational Software Architect. In order for us to better understand your comment, could you please start your forum topic with one of the below headings:

Install - Questions about getting RSA installed and set up on your machine, including questions and comments regarding the new set of feature installation selections, and ability to achieve a smaller installed footprint and simplified workbench environment

EJB - Questions about the Enterprise JavaBeanTM functionality including new EJB 3.1 support

JPA - Questions about JPA functionality including the new JPA 2.0 function

WebSphere - Questions about the interactions with WebSphere Application Server (WAS)

Web Services - Questions about Web Services tools

OSGi - Questions about support for developing OSGi-based applications

Cloud - Questions about support for cloud environments

SCA - Questions about support for developing SCA applications

Web - Questions about support for Web 2.0, Dojo, Servlets, and JSF (including the Struts tool, Web Diagram Editor, Page Designer and Site Designer)

XML - Questions and comments about XML tools and transformations, including new transformations support for polymorphism and subgroups

WSDL to SoaML - Questions and comments about the new transformation for generating SoaML from WSDL

UML Action Language - Questions and comments about the new UML action language

UML Timing Diagram - Questions and comments about the new UML Timing Diagram feature

UML Interaction Overview Diagram - Questions and comments about the new UML Interaction Overview Diagram feature

Model Execution or Simulation - Questions and comments about the new model execution environment, including Activity animation, Interaction animation, and topology tracing capabilities

User Experience: Simplification - Questions and comments about the new default look of the Modeling Perspective, simplification of toolbars and menus, simplification of New Model and New Project wizards, and other aspects of user experience simplification

User Experience: Performance - Questions and comments about product performance - better, worse, specific trouble spots, or anything else performance-related

User Experience: Diagramming Behaviors - Questions and comments about new diagram layout algorithms and property sheets, improvements or regressions in the interactive diagramming experience, or anything else related to the process of composing diagrams

User Experience: Diagram Style Templates - Questions and comments about the new capability for defining standardized diagram style templates and applying them to diagrams

MDD for VB.NET - Questions and comments about the new UML-to-VB.NET and VB.NET to UML transformations

BPMN - Questions and comments about RSA integrations with BPMN

Other - Questions that don't fall into one of the above categories

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