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Pinned topic Rahpsody Designer Simulation Build - Not Picking Up Changes

‏2010-04-14T09:34:19Z |
Tool: Rhapsody Designer 7.5
Platform: Windows XP SP2
CPP_CG Environment: MinGW

I've observed that performing either a smart or full build does not result in a build of the target executable.

The problem appears to be with Windows XP where the 'modification' date/time of files is actually the create date/time. Although the new .h and /cpp files are correctly generated by Rhapsody, when the makefile is invoked make does not pick up the changes as the file timestamps are unchanged.

I can work round this be manually deleting the .cpp and .h files before performing the Build Command in Rhapsody, but it can get tedious.

Is there a way of hooking into the code generation process for animation so that for each .cpp or .h file that is regenerated I can touch the file (+touch+ is available to me as part of MinGW), so that make will pick up the changes and rebuild correctly?

If alternative solutions to the problem are available I'm willing to listen.

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    Re: Rahpsody Designer Simulation Build - Not Picking Up Changes

    I've added a dummy make invocation in Share\etc\MinGWMake.bat.

    Brute force, but simpler than modifying the makefile template, or modifying the logic for all the different build invocations.

    echo Phony clean mingw32-make -s clean -f %1 echo Making target %target% mingw32-make -s %target% -f %1