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‏2010-04-12T08:08:26Z |
Anybody out there using IBM System Dashboard for Enterprise Content Management to monitor Image Services performance counters?

We used it fine until we upgraded to IS 4.1.1. (Open the graphs on a large LCD monitor and let it run during the day so we can easily keep an eye on performance)

Now the dashboard fails to update the counters after a while.
Closing and opening it picks up the missing time but then it stops again after one or two updates.

P8 systems does not suffer this behaviour so I guess something in 4.1.1 messed up the perfmon module?

We have about 6 IS systems all experiencing the same issue.

I've tried running the Dashboard application on various machines, does not change the behaviour.
Using version

Dashboard does not complain about losing connection to listener on server, no errors are reported.

Network between Dashboard machine and IS server checks out fine.