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Pinned topic Problem with the security file

‏2010-04-07T14:14:33Z |
Hi all,
i have a problem with ldap connexion. I've configured a websphere of the engine TWS and also the websphere of TDWC console with active directoty and the test is ok. But when i do a test connexion to the engine on the TDWC console i have this messages errors on the logs of the websphere.

4/7/10 11:47:26:991 UTC 0000001c ConnException E AWSJCO084E The user "server:DefaultNode_DefaultNode_twaserver" is not authorized to work with the "planner" process.
4/7/10 11:47:50:108 UTC 0000002e SymphonyModul E AWSJSY508E You do not have permission to perform the operation "<UNKNOWN>" on the following object type "<UNKNOWN>" with object key: "".

I added the user "server:DefaultNode_DefaultNode_twaserver" on the security file and every thing is OK. i can't understand this error?

Can you help me please?

Thanks in advance.