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Pinned topic Performance impact based on Web Browser version?

‏2010-04-07T06:34:42Z |

As I understand a web browser on user's end also does a bit of work on rendering the final Cognos report (ex. looking up for images etc).
Most of the PC's in our organization still have IE 6 installed. I find IE 6 horrendously slow even for casual surfing.
I know IE6 has other security flaw but If any one has seen any notable performance difference by changing their IE version, could you let me know.
For ex. does upgrading to IE7 or IE8 makes report rendering faster etc? I am tempted to assume that it does make a difference but would like to see others view on this.
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    Re: Performance impact based on Web Browser version?


    I guess there may be a difference between versions, but from my own experience I have never really noticed an improvement. Certainly not one that made me sit up and take notice anyway.