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Pinned topic RAM API to identify if a non-session user can submit to a community

‏2010-04-02T18:15:59Z |
In the RAM API, is there a way to find out if a user, who is not the session user, has permission to submit an asset to a community?

Given a session, there is a method to determine if the user of a session can submit an asset to a community, RAMSession#getCommunitiesUserCanSubmitTo.
There is also a method on a RAMCommunity that lists which users have admin permission: RAMCommunity#getAdministrators.

However, I haven't seen a method on either RAMSession, RAMCommunity, or RAMUser that indicates whether or not a user can submit an asset to a community.

This is the use case: a session is started by a user with admin permission on a community. That user wants to know if a different user has permission to submit an asset to a community.