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Pinned topic Migratiin Suse Lpar from p570 to a new p595

‏2010-04-02T18:08:55Z |

We have a Linux Suse Server 9 installed on a p570 LPAR using VIOS virtualized disks based on IBM SVC's LUNs. Now we have to migrate to a new IBM p595 Power6 server with two VIOS 2.1 configured in redundancy. First try to migrate was to use the flashcopy feature of SVC in order to create a new vDisk and using the VIOS mkvdev command map it to a new LPAR in the p595 system. No success.

Next try was to trying to install SUSE 9 from scracht and then using the netcat command copy all the information from the source to the target disks. Looks like Suse 9 does noy boot in Power6. Does anyone knows another way ?

Thanks in advanced.
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    Re: Migratiin Suse Lpar from p570 to a new p595

    You can find the list of supported Linux for Power distributions for Power 6 and Power 7 servers here:

    You might also want to look at this document as well: to ensure your current VIOS is using UDID to manage the physical volumes.

    Assuming this is true, you should be able to configure the new server as desired, including redundant VIOS, installing a supported Linux distribution on the p595, then either mapping the original SLES 9 SVC LUNs back to the clients or a SVC copy back to the client to copy off whatever data is needed.