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Hi all..

I am trying to create a temporary RSS feed to export all of my data from one website to another (don't ask...ASP/SQL DB to PHP Site) anyway, I thought I got the hang of it with an example from the internet and our regular site RSS Feed, which works fine. It is generated by our site ASP scripting from our SQL Server database. The problem is, our regular RSS feed only sends the title and teaser of each post. I want to now send also the entire body of each post (about 150 text lines each) HTML and all. When I try to add this field, and register the new RSS feed with my RSS reader (Feedreader) to test things, two things happen:
The teaser disappears
The body of the posts appear, but... most seriously, less records are sent to the RSS than I specify. If I define to grab 6 records with the ASP database, it only gives 3. Whatever I define, it only gives 3. In the regular RSS feed, it gives exactly the number of records I define the ASP code to give.

Here is my modified RSS code

<link>ourwebsite URL- whatever</link>
<description>Top Articles</description>

Then here inside <% %>'s the ASP- SQL loop generates the RSS records but it works fine (I just added one line to also grab the body of the article)
then the RSS definition code:



As I mentioned, I only added the lines

(I didn't know how else to add a custom field that has 150-200 lines of text, I tried many options, sending it through the author name, etc).

Please help............!
With much gratitude....
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    Re: Problem in customizing RSS feed

    PS before the channel declaration I have:
    <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
    <rss version='2.0'