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Pinned topic General discussion about WebSphere Adapters, brokers, or support process

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Hello all,

Please use this thread to open a general discussion about WebSphere Adapters, brokers, or support process.

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    WBI adapters alternatives for WMB 8.0.3


    Hello,we are trying to replace WBI JDBC adapter, searching for an alternative since IBM is no longer supports them.

    I found an example in the info center "WBI migration", but unfortunately we cannot use it since our system consist of a hundreds BOs, many of them are wrappers, hierarchical BOs with stored procedures, but the sample is very simplified, and does not covers discovery of the future BOs. 

    In addition it seems as WMB database discovery does not work with synonyms, but almost all of our BOs are synonyms.

    Does any one applied or knows about alternative for the WBI adapters, for working with DB tables and wrappers?

    From what I understand the "Websphere Adapters for JDBC" are not applicable for WMB but for ESB and Advanced BPM only.