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Pinned topic Any suggestions for new threads or stickies for the forum?

‏2010-03-31T00:10:04Z |
Hello all,

In this forum we are focused on IBM's WebSphere Adapters both JCA and WBI. The goal of this forum is to better assist clients to get connected with answers and information about the adapters. We are looking to pull in outside user participation to help drive the direction and quality of the forum.

Please reply to this thread with any ideas about topics or discussions that could enhance the forum for WebSphere Adapters.

Current Ideas:
  • Links to existing TechNotes, Information Centers, and Samples
  • Flash highlights of trending topics or concerns
  • Open ended thread for specific adapters (eg. SAP, JDBC, FlatFile, etc.)
  • Open ended thread to collect and gather general annoyances, vague error messages, or other serviceability concerns
  • General questions about the adapters, brokers, or support process
  • Your idea here?

NOTE: This forum is/will NOT be a supplement to the IBM Support Process. Please engage IBM Support and open a PMR if you have pressing needs, project deadlines, production issues, or specific support needs.