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‏2010-03-27T17:37:09Z |

I have installed rhel 5.2 on p-series 570 server. with following configuration

disk : sda and sdb

prep boot partition made on both disk.
all the partition in software raid1 except prep boot partition.

i did not find any option to mirror prep boot partition during installation.

is there any way to mirror the prep boot partition after installation?
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    Re: prep boot partition

    We are discussing this with an expert on partitions on Linux for Power and will have an answer for you soon. My apologies for the delay.
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    Re: prep boot partition

    In RHEL 4.2 the following was necessary and is still be viable for RHEL
    5.x. The PrepBoot partition is static and therefore does not need to be
    kept up to date.

    Mirror PrepBoot partition

    We need to have the same working PrepBoot partition on the second disk
    in order to be able to boot if the first one is absent or broken.

    * We are going to mirror the PrepBoot partition using dd:

    dd if=/dev/sda1 of=/dev/sdb1

    * Now we set the boot flag:

    parted /dev/sdb set 1 boot on
    Set the boot list

    We also need to set the OpenFirmware boot list to contain both disks:

    bootlist -m normal sda sdb
    bootlist -m normal -o