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I'm evaluating this toolkit for one of my partners and realize that the toolkit is primarily to migrate the source code & the deployment descriptors quickly to WAS. I've also worked on using RAD Competitive migrator plugin, which also does the migration of the deployment descriptor, but does not assist in the source code migration. There is also a part of migration process, which does the EJB to RDB mapping. This is primarily to map the migrated EJBs to use the same database schema, but in the new database.

I feel this step would still be required. So in nut shell, to complete end to end migration of an application, one needs to use the WAS migration toolkit in conjunction with the RAD migrator plugin. Is my understanding correct? Or am I missing some aspect of the toolkit?

Please help!
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    Re: Migration Toolkit Vs RAD Migrator Plugin

    Our goal is to have as much of the migration process handled by the Migration Toolkit as possible. But knowing that other tools do exist, we've had to prioritize functionality based on the areas of migration that are most difficult to do today, such as the source code migration. With the version available today, you're correct that if an application is using CMP then the EJB-RDB mappings will have to be created with RAD. We are, however, working on that capability for the next release of the Migration Toolkit to be available early in 2Q. With this capability you will be able to apply a quickfix along with your other fixes to have this functionality migrated with a single tool.