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‏2010-03-17T17:19:25Z |
I am on a project where the partner is trying to launch eforms passing an user token in an IFRAME on a remote server so it can be exposed to the internet. I can see where they could use a reverse HTTPS to get past the firewall but I believe this will not work for the following reasons but nobody want to hear it.

1) User tokens are not sessions and will timeout and cannot be renewed using eForm javascript.
2) They do not use sticky sessions in their proxies and will get UTCrypto errors.
3) For prod they will enable HTTPS/SSL. If applets require a non-SSL instance, won't eforms as well?
4) eForms references the opener window - which in this case is the IFRAME. They will have to use a server in the same DNS domain or reset the domain.document before the eforms-core loads somehow.
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    Re: eForms Firewalls and IFRAMES


    I'm interested in finding out how you made it with this issue, we're about to start a project that has a very similar configuration to what you're describing, and before I start making holes in the drywall with my head, I would like to know how you were able to make it around this configuration.