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Pinned topic 3270 web support and security

‏2010-03-17T17:07:06Z |
I’ve been having a play with running a CICS application through a browser as mentioned in chapter 15 of the CICS Internet Guide (CICS Web support and 3270 display applications). I am using a url like host/cics/cwba/dfhwbtta/tran.
When an application is invoked through a 3270 screen, it uses the signon program specified by the GMTRAN SIT option. Question is, how do I get the signon program to kick in when applications are invoked through the web interface? To make it a bit more interesting we have existing CWI applications that use CWBA that we don’t want to be affected.
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    Re: 3270 web support and security

    This mailing list doesn't generate much in the way of response to questions. There is a much more active CICS community who provide great feedback to questions on the CICS-L mailing list, so I advise you to post this and all other CICS questions there. It is also monitored by people in the Hursley lab, who will also contribute when necessary.

    You can access CICS-L via the web here

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